About the Canadian Sub-Aqua Club

The Canadian Sub-Aqua Club is a SCUBA club based in the York Region of the Greater Toronto Area that meets to dive, learn, and train new divers in a safe, professional environment.

Club membership is open to all; new or experienced divers or anyone who wishes to learn more about SCUBA.

We are a non-profit SCUBA club that begin forming in 1956 held our first official club meeting in January of 1957. We are slowing trying to piece together a history of our early years and hope to have it posted soon.

We welcome anyone who has ever even been remotely interested in scuba to join us at one of our SCUBA open houses. Held several times a year, it is an opportunity to come out and learn a little more about the sport of SCUBA and put on your bathing suit to try out SCUBA equipment in the pool.

With year round activities, CanSAC continues to meet long after the local dive season winds down. We meet every Monday evening in the Thornlea pool between 8:30 and 9:30 and interested persons are welcome to come out and meet us and perhaps join us for some wings after the pool.

We hold regular pub nights as well as the occasional bowling night or a BBQ picnic and families and friends are always welcome.

At CanSAC, we offer a variety of scuba related courses each year - from Open Water Diver for new divers - as well as Advanced and Specialty courses as needed for our members.

Divers enrolled in our Open Water course receive a 1 year membership with their course and are strongly encouraged to continue to come out and swim or scuba after their course is completed.

There are many benefits to training and diving with a non-profit profit club like CanSAC. We can spend the requisite time with the students to ensure skill mastery and our 11 week course allows students to enjoy the learning experience.

As a non-profit club, our course fees are set to cover expenses rather than to show a profit and there are no surprise fees for books or rentals. Our instructors and dive masters are volunteers that teach new divers because they enjoy it and they hope that you'll enjoy it too.

Our club members have thousands of dives under their combined belts and are always happy to share their knowledge and experience with anyone who wants to listen.

Learning with a club like CanSAC also offers you the opportunity to dive all season long with experienced divers on organised local dives.

Ontario offers a multitude of incredible sites for both new and advanced divers to explore. The Great Lakes are Mecca for shipwreck divers due to the huge numbers of intact shipwrecks, many of which are hundreds of years old.

Even if you're a "down south only" diver, we have group trips heading south of the board every winter.

If you are interested in learning to dive, or want to know that you have a safe group of divers to dive with all season long. Come out and see what the Canadian Sub-Aqua Club has to offer.

We meet every Monday night for our swim night, and more often than not, there is a training session or lecture in the classroom before we swim. It is a great way to learn a new skill or brush up on some you may have learned years ago.

Join Us
We have several membership options setup to suit anyone.
Whether your are not yet certified, an occasional diver or diving is your life... everyone is welcome in the club.
Joined the club in 2006 and joined the executive in 2010.
Joined the club in 2015 as an Open Water student.
Joined the club as an Open Water student in 2007.
Joined the club in 1979 and has been a long time member of the executive in various positions.
Joined the club a few years back and finally joined the executive in the fall of 2017.
Certified as an Open Water Diver in 2014 and has been wet every since.
Certified as an Open Water Diver in 1998 and joined CANSAC in 2014.
Joined the club in 2017 and joined the executive that fall.

Instructors and Divemasters

An ACUC instructor and a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer with a long list of Specialty Instructor ratings.
An ACUC and PADI Open Water Instructor that also teaches the Dry Suit Specialty.
An ACUC Divemaster and part of the club executive. Certified as an Open Water Diver with the club in 2006.
An ACUC Divemaster, certified as an Open Water Diver in 1979 and an avid cold water diver.
An ACUC Divermaster, certified as an Open water Diver in 1979, also a long time member of the club executive.
Certified as an Open Water Diver with the club in 2007, he is now an ACUC Divemaster.
An ACUC Divemaster, he certified as both a PADI and ACUC Open Water Diver in 1978.
An ACUC Divemaster, he certified with the club in 1976 and is a past club president.